wpcmon.exe High CPU Usage in Windows? 4 Tips to Fix That

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How to Fix wpcmon.exe High CPU Usage

Among the many annoying problems that may arise with the Windows operating system is excessive CPU utilization.
The “wpcmon.exe” process is one of several that might be robbing your computer of its usefulness. Windows Parental Controls Monitoring, which is in charge of keeping an eye on and making sure that parental control settings are followed, is linked with this executable file. But when malware begins using up all the CPU power, it will slow down your computer significantly.
Though there are many recommended traditional ways to fix this, such as searching for malware or upgrading drivers, let’s look at some alternative suggestions.

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to use so much processing power on Windows? And how can you fix it quickly?

  • Find the Latest Firmware:
    These are the actions to take to check for firmware updates:
    • Find model-specific firmware upgrades by visiting the manufacturer’s website.
    • As a side effect, performance of “wpcmon.exe” might be affected by firmware upgrades, which fix compatibility problems and make the system more stable.
  • Scan the system files with System File Checker (SFC):
    • Grant administrative access to the “Command Prompt”.
    • Press ‘Enter’ after entering sfc /scannow.
    • Wait for the scan to finish, and then fix any broken system files that might be “wpcmon.exe” performance killer.

Now let’s take a look at 4 other ways that you can try to fix this high CPU usage error of wpcmon.exe process.

1. Improve Windows Search Indexing

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This Windows feature keeps an index of your files and makes searches faster. However, indexing may use up CPU resources and cause excessive utilization if unneeded files or directories are included. Reducing the strain on programs like “wpcmon.exe” may alleviate excessive CPU utilization, and Windows Search Indexing optimization can help with that. Just follow these tips to make Windows Search Indexing even better:

  • Navigate to “Control Panel” > “Indexing Options”.
Control Panel Indexing Options
  • Click on “Modify” and uncheck unnecessary folders or directories from being indexed. Limiting the indexing scope can reduce the workload on “wpcmon.exe” and lower CPU usage.
Uncheck unnecessary folders or directories from Windows Search Indexing

2. Change the Windows Update Settings

Windows Update is an important service that refreshes your operating system with new features and security fixes. There are a few Windows Update settings—like Delivery Optimization—that, if set up incorrectly, may lead to excessive CPU utilization. Modifying these settings entails deactivating “Allow downloads from other PCs” and similar options to stop update-related operations from using the CPU excessively, which might have an indirect effect on programs like “wpcmon.exe”. Follow these steps:

  • For “Windows Update”, go to “Settings” > “Update & Security”.
  • Move your cursor to “Advanced options” and finally choose “Delivery Optimization”.
Go to Delivery Optimization
  • Turn off the option that says “Allow downloads from other PCs”.
Turn off Allow downloads from other PCs

This will stop your computer from using its central processing unit (CPU) to update other devices on your network, which might make “wpcmon.exe” run more smoothly.

3. Customize Background Apps

Even while you’re not using them, programs that operate in the background are called background apps. You may customize these apps to your liking. Some background programs are essential for the system to work, while others may waste CPU power. Reducing CPU use and pressure on processes like “wpcmon.exe” is as simple as evaluating and removing superfluous programs from running in the background via Customizing Background programs. Here are the methods to configure Background Apps:

  • Access the “Privacy” menu in the “Settings” app.
Go to Privacy then Background Apps
  • Choose “Background applications” under “App permissions”.
Disable apps from Background apps

Because they could cause excessive CPU utilization and interfere with “wpcmon.exe’s” functionality, unneeded programs should be disabled from operating in the background.

4. Review Scheduled Tasks

To find any activities associated with parental controls or monitoring services—which can include “wpcmon.exe”—review the Task Scheduler. To optimize system efficiency and reduce the burden on “wpcmon.exe”, you should examine these jobs to see if any are causing significant CPU utilization. If so, you should disable or reschedule them accordingly. How to make this happen?

  • Choose “Task Scheduler” from the Start menu to launch it. You may access “Windows” by navigating to “Task Scheduler Library” > “Microsoft”.
Search Task Scheduler
  • Seek any assignments about monitoring services or parental controls.
Disable monitoring services or parental controls

Put less burden on “wpcmon.exe” by disabling or rescheduling processes that occur during times of high CPU utilization.

It takes a mix of tried-and-true and out-of-the-box approaches to fix “wpcmon.exe’s” excessive CPU utilization.
Although standard procedures such as driver updates and antivirus scans are necessary, it is possible to get far better results by using specific tactics that we provided above to maximize system resources.
Make Windows run more smoothly again by adjusting system specifications, reducing background processes, and changing Windows settings. This will reduce the load on “wpcmon.exe”.

Good luck!

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