5 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Red Crosshair on Windows Screen

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Easy Ways to Get Rid of Red Crosshair on Windows Screen

An odd problem that keeps appearing in the middle of Windows screens is a red crosshair that many users have experienced. This issue can be very annoying since it interferes with regular computer use and sometimes appears for no apparent reason.
The red crosshair appears to be more common among users of AOC monitors and has been seen on a number of Windows versions. 

Often, the red crosshair shows up as a result of pressing a button on the laptop or display by mistake. Numerous displays, particularly AOC models, include integrated functions that are accessed through physical buttons that may be accidentally pressed. Moreover, comparable overlays might also be introduced by some installed software on your system, either as a function of their operation or as a result of display settings conflicts. 

And if you’re using a GeForce video card, you might also experience an error related to GeForce Experience – 0x0003.

FIX IT NOW: A Few Quick and Easy Ways to Remove
Red Crosshair in the Middle of the Screen in Windows 

Here are some simple fixes to quickly get rid of the red crosshair on the Windows screen. 

  • Press and hold the Fn key on your laptop: Easily turn off the crosshair function with a quick key combination.
  • Click the right arrow on your desktop or monitor: Toggling off the crosshair display requires navigating through the monitor’s settings.
  • Upgrade Windows: Make sure the most recent updates and bug fixes are installed on your operating system.

If you tried fixing this error yourself and accidentally hidden some UI elements, you can check our guide on how to fix them here.

Easy Solutions to Remove
Red Crosshair in the Middle of the Screen in Windows 

There are quick things you may do to get rid of that annoying red crosshair on your screen. These simple fixes will assist in swiftly resolving the problem without the need for difficult troubleshooting.

Solution 1. Use the Fn Button on Your Laptop

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If you are using a laptop, you can deactivate the red crosshair by pressing the Fn key in conjunction with a particular function key.

  • On your laptop keyboard, find the “Fn” key (which is usually on the bottom-left).
  • Find the function key (usually the Up, Down, Right, or Left buttons on the keyboard) that has an icon associated with display or screen functions.
  • Hold down the “Fn” key.
Hold down FN key
  • Try pressing the ‘Up, Down, Right, and Left’ buttons at the same time while holding down the “Fn” key.
Hold down arrow keys

Solution 2. Press the Right Arrow on Your Monitor (Desktop)

To deactivate the crosshair on a desktop AOC display, simply push the right arrow button on the monitor itself. 

Click the right arrow button on AOC Monitor
  • Locate the buttons on your monitor’s side or bottom.
  • Find the ‘right arrow’ button .
  • Hit the right arrow key to see if the crosshair goes away.

Solution 3. Update Windows

Keeping Windows updated will guarantee that you have access to the most recent improvements and updates, which may help to fix the red crosshair problem.

  • In the ‘Windows search’ box, type “check for updates” and hit ‘Enter’.
Type check for updates
  • Click “Install all” or “Check for Updates”.
  • Make sure all pending and optional updates are installed.
Windows update - Download and install all
  • Hold on until the procedure is complete.
  • Give your device a restart.

More Complex Ways to Remove
Red Crosshair in the Middle of the Screen in Windows 

A red crosshair on your screen can typically be fixed with a quick remedy, but more advanced remedies can be required for persistent issues. The following actions will address the root causes of this graphical anomaly

Adv. Solution 1. Try Clean Boot

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To determine whether background apps or services are the source of the red crosshair, perform a clean boot.

  • In the ‘Windows search’ box, type “msconfig” and hit ‘Enter’.
Type msconfig
  • Select the “Services” tab.
  • Choose “Disable all” and “Hide all Microsoft services”.
Hide all Microsoft services
  • Click “Open Task Manager” after selecting the “Startup” tab.
Open Task Manager
  • After doing a right-click on each item in the “Task Manager” and choosing “Disable”, shut down the “Task Manager”.
  • Select the “Safe Boot” option from the “Boot” menu, then click “Apply” and “OK”.
Safe Boot and Minimal
  • After selecting “OK” in the “System Configuration” window, restart your computer.
  • Re-enable services and startup items individually or in groups to locate the app, then delete it if the issue does not appear.

Adv Solution 2. Update Your GPU Drivers

Changing your graphics drivers can resolve display problems brought on by corrupted or out-of-date drivers.

  • Hit ‘Win + X’ or right click “Start”, then choose “Device Manager”.
Right click Start and select Device Manager
  • Extend the section on “Display adapters”.
  • When you do a right-click on your GPU, choose “Update driver”.
Update Driver for Display
  • Select “Search automatically for drivers”.
Click Search automatically for drivers
  • To finish the update, adhere to the instructions displayed on the screen.
  • To take effect, restart your computer.


Following these all-inclusive fixes will enable you to solve the red crosshair problem on your Windows computer efficiently. Make sure you follow these steps in a systematic way to get your screen back to working order and maximize your gaming and work efficiency. 

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