How to Fix MS Paint Not Working in Windows 11?

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How to Fix MS Paint Not Working in Windows 11

Microsoft Paint is a time-honored program that has been a component of the Windows operating system for many years. Creating and editing photographs is made possible for users by a simple and powerful tool. On the other hand, there have been reports of trouble with Microsoft Paint not functioning properly with Windows 11. Refrain from being concerned if you are experiencing the same issue since there are a number of solutions available to repair it.

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is preventing MS Paint from opening?

  • SFC scan: If you suspect that corrupted system files are to blame for MS Paint’s problem, you may run a scan using the “System File Checker (SFC)” utility. Press ‘Enter’ after entering “sfc /scannow” on the administrator-level “Command Prompt”. Wait for the scan to finish and, if necessary, take corrective action as directed.
  • Scan for Malware: Malware has a way of getting in the way of apps’ regular operations. To find any harmful apps that could be influencing MS Paint, do a complete system scan with your chosen antivirus or antimalware tool.
  • When Microsoft Paint suddenly stops functioning after functioning well, resetting its settings can be the solution. Navigate to “Settings” > “Apps” > “Apps & features”, then locate “MS Paint” and choose “Advanced options” to do this. Resetting the app is an option available from that point on.

Install Microsoft Paint Again

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Fixing issues with damaged application files is as simple as reinstalling MS Paint. This will replace them with new ones.

  • Navigate to “Applications & Features” or “Installed applications” by right-clicking on “Start”.
  • Locate “Paint” on the list and choose “Uninstall”.
  • Verify the instruction.
Uninstall Paint
  • Do a system restart.
  • “Paint” may be found on the “Microsoft Store”, so go ahead and get it.
Get Paint from Microsoft Store

Run the App as an Administrator

Sometimes, you won’t be able to start specific applications or programs on Windows due to permission concerns. So, to begin, you may want to try launching Paint with administrator rights. The ‘Windows key plus the S key’ will bring up the ‘search bar’. Find “Paint” in the search results, then right-click on it to get the “Run as administrator” option. 

Run Paint as Administrator

Uninstall Fonts that Don’t Work

Sure enough, some fonts may wreak havoc on the “Paint” program, causing crashes and other issues. In this instance, it might be wise to remove any fonts that were recently installed on your computer. To uninstall a font in Windows, go to “Personalization” > “Fonts” in ‘Windows Settings’ (Win + I). Then, choose the font you want to delete.

Personalization then Fonts
Click Uninstall to remove font

Remove Paint’s SID Entries

You may need to remove corrupted security identification (SID) entries from your “Microsoft Paint” program if it isn’t functioning correctly. Those SID entries will be reset to factory settings the next time you reinstall the software.

  • Using the “Run” command prompt (Win + R), open the “Windows Registry Editor” by typing “regedit“.
Type regedit
  • After that, go down this road: \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Appx\AppxAllUserStore
  • Prefixes like “S-1-S” make it easy to distinguish between different SID entries in the “AppxAllUserStore” key. Search for any SID entries pertaining to “MS Paint” by expanding the subkeys.
  • Find the “Paint SID” item, right-click to delete it, and then exit the “Registry Editor”. You may uninstall the software and then reinstall it via the Control Panel. It will fix itself if the SID profile is corrupted.
Remove Paint's SID Entries

Perform a Scan for Microsoft Security

Your computer may have been infected with malware, which has disrupted the functionality of Windows programs and services. Similar malware may potentially hinder “Paint’s” performance. “Microsoft Safety Scanner” is our top pick among the many virus scanners available. You may use it to detect dangers and viruses and restore any damage they may have caused. Downloading the most recent version of scan is recommended every time you scan your PC, according to the Microsoft Official Website. Go to the “Microsoft” website and download the scanner that works with your computer. It provides three distinct scan options; choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Download Microsoft Safety Scanner

A staple of Windows for many years, MS Paint is both easy to use and quite effective. But there are a few workarounds you may try if you’re having problems with it not functioning with Windows 11.

Hopefully, our provided solutions did the trick for you and now you can enjoy MS Paint as you usually do.
However, if the issue persists, we recommend installing the software mentioned at the end of this guide.

Good luck!

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