Can’t Update Roblox in Windows: A Quick Fix Guide

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Roblox is a widely popular online gaming platform that enables players to create and play games with each other via the use of the internet. If you are a lover of technology, you may be aware of Roblox. On the other hand, if you are attempting to update the application on a computer running Windows and you are encountering problems, you need not be concerned since there are a few viable solutions.

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  • After an update, you should restart Roblox to make sure the changes stick.
  • You may manually update Roblox by visiting the official website ( if you don’t see an update prompt. Get the most recent installer for Roblox by logging into your account.
  • Remove Roblox from your computer and reinstall it with the most recent version of the website if you’re having trouble upgrading.
[Fix] Can't update Roblox in Windows

Check Your System Requirements

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First and foremost, check to see whether your machine is capable of meeting the criteria for Roblox’s system. These include a minimum of 512 megabytes of random access memory (RAM), a CPU with a speed of 1.6 gigahertz or greater, and an operating system that is Windows 7 or above. You may encounter difficulties while attempting to update or operate the application if your machine does not fulfill certain configuration requirements.

Check Your  System Requirements

Clear a Cache Memory

Attempt erasing your computer’s temporary files and cache if the problem persists. Over time, these files might amass and create troubles with Roblox and other apps. 

  • Enter “%temp%” (without the quotes) into the “Run” dialog box (opened by pressing ‘Windows key + R’)
  • Hit ‘Enter’ to remove your cache and temporary files.  Doing so will bring up the temporary folder, from which you may choose and remove any files. 
  • The other way to delete all of your browsing history is to enter your browser’s settings or options menu, and then choose “Clear browsing data”.

Disable Your Antivirus Software

Another alternative approach is to temporarily stop any antivirus or firewall software when upgrading “Roblox”. This might prove to be an effective solution. It is possible that temporarily deactivating these apps will help prevent updates from failing since they can cause updates to fail. You should only make sure to re-enable them after the upgrade has been finished.

Run Roblox as an Administrator

Fire up the program from the system tray. If you want “Roblox” to have access to certain extra features or get updates, you may want to run it as an administrator. If the app is unable to update or function properly due to a lack of permissions, this may fix the problem.

  • Press and hold the “Roblox” icon.
  • Pick “Properties”.
  • Select “Compatibility” from the menu.
  • To run the software as an administrator, check the box.
  • Pick “Apply”, and then hit “OK”.
  • Restart “Roblox” or attempt an update.
Run Roblox as administrator under Compatibility tab

Check Your Web Connection Status

Making sure that your internet connection is reliable and robust is the first thing you should do to repair the update problem. This is assuming that your computer is capable of meeting the essential standards. The failure or stalling of updates may be caused by poor connection; thus, you should attempt to reset your router or modem and connect your computer directly to your internet source via an Ethernet cable, depending on whether or not this is feasible. Attempt to update Roblox once again once you have completed this step.

If you’re using Windows and are experiencing problems upgrading Roblox, there are a few things you may try as you see from this guide. After you tried all the steps provided above — Roblox should be updated and you can resume playing games.

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