How to Fix GLFW Error 65542 in Minecraft? (4 Solutions)

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One of the most played games in the community, Minecraft has an interesting idea. But it is also liable to errors. The most frequent one is the “GLFW error 65542 WGL: The driver does not appear to support OpenGL” which appears when you try to open the Minecraft launcher.

How to Fix GLFW Error 65542 in Minecraft

Usually, out-of-date video card drivers or missing system files are the cause of GLFW Error 65542. If these things are overlooked, it might lead to incompatibilities and lead to errors in Minecraft. Issues with the DisplayLink graphics drivers may also potentially cause more problems.

TRY IT NOW: Quick and Easy Ways to Fix the GLFW Error 65542 WGL: The driver does not appear to support OpenGL

Here is a brief TL;DR to help you fix the problem quickly:

  • Install the latest version of your video card driver to fix the error.
  • Remove the DisplayLink graphics driver from your system as it might be causing conflicts.
  • Download the OpenGL.DLL file and add it to your system to resolve the error.
  • Make sure your operating system is up to date to ensure compatibility with Minecraft and fix the issue.
  • Reinstall Minecraft as the last resort.

4 Ways to Fix the Minecraft GLFW Error 65542:
The driver does not appear to support OpenGL

Let’s get into each solution with detailed instructions to fix the Minecraft error GLFW Error 65542 WGL effectively and quickly.

1. Update your Video Card Driver

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The GLFW Error 65542 WGL often happens in Minecraft when your graphics card driver is outdated. To fix it, update your graphics card driver. This will help make sure that Minecraft’s graphical requirements are met.

  • Go to the “Device Manager” on your PC.
  • Find the “Display Adapters” section, then click on it to see the graphics card that is installed.
  • To update the graphics card, right-click on it and choose “Update Driver”.
  • Select the option to look for updated driver software automatically.
Update Driver for Display
  • To finish the driver update procedure, adhere to the on-screen instructions. 

2. Uninstall the DisplayLink Graphics Driver

GLFW Error 65542 can occur when DisplayLink graphics drivers conflict with Minecraft’s rendering programs, despite their usefulness for some applications. Potential sources of compatibility issues disappear by removing these conflicting drivers.

  • On your computer, open the “Control Panel”.
  • Go to “Programs and Features”.
  • Look for the “DisplayLink Graphics Driver” under the installed applications list.
  • Right-click on the “DisplayLink Graphics Driver”, and choose “Uninstall”.
Uninstall the DisplayLink Graphics Driver
  • To delete the driver from your PC, follow the uninstalling wizard’s instructions.

3. Download and Add the OpenGL.DLL File

OpenGL.DLL file may be missing or corrupted, which would interfere with Minecraft’s rendering operations and cause “GLFW Error 65542 WGL”. Manually downloading and installing this necessary file will allow you to fix broken or absent parts and get OpenGL working again.

Download OpenGL32.DLL file
  • After downloading, locate the directory where your system’s installation of “Minecraft” is located.
  • Copy the “OpenGL.DLL file” that you downloaded and paste it in the same directory as the “Minecraft” program.
  • If prompted, confirm replacing any “OpenGL.DLL” files that are currently in place.
  • To ensure that the modifications are applied and the “GLFW Error 65542” is fixed, restart “Minecraft”.

4. Update Your Operating System

GLFW Error 65542 and other problems with your system might happen if your operating system is outdated. To avoid these errors in “Minecraft”, keep your operating system updated with the latest bug fixes and upgrades. This helps in addressing potential vulnerabilities and improves system stability.

  • Go to the “Settings” on your computer, you can use the shortcut ‘Win+I’.
  • Depending on your operating system, click “Windows update” or “Update and Security”.
  • If updates are found, click on “Download” and then “Install” to begin the update process. Your computer may need to restart to complete the installation.
  • After the update is finished, restart “Minecraft” to verify that this error has been resolved.

Now that you’ve learned how to fix GLFW Error 65542 in Minecraft, you can resolve the error on your own and get back into your gaming adventures! We hope that these solutions have successfully resolved your issue.

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