How to Fix Gmail Error “Oops, the system encountered a problem” (8 Methods)

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Are you encountering the “Oops, the system encountered a problem” Gmail error? Many Windows users have reported experiencing this issue while using Gmail in a web browser. While some may face it occasionally, however, for others, this problem happens so often that they can’t access their email properly and usually appears while opening emails, deleting old ones, or organizing inbox.

How to Fix Gmail Error Oops, the system encountered a problem”

The error message usually says, “Oops, the system encountered a problem” followed by an error code, here are some versions of the error you might see as well:

  • Oops… the system encountered a problem (#001) Gmail
  • Oops… the system encountered a problem (#2014) Gmail
  • Oops, the system encountered a problem (#2005)
  • Gmail oops, the system encountered a problem (#2007)”

The fixes we’ll discuss should work for most Gmail errors, no matter which message you see.

This guide provides various solutions to address these errors on Windows. Factors like interference from third-party software, browser compatibility conflicts, corrupted browser cache, and outdated browser versions can all play a role in this issue.

Before you try any fixes, think about whether you use Gmail in a web browser or through a desktop program. If it’s a program, make sure it’s set up correctly, or try uninstalling and reinstalling it.

TRY IT NOW: Quick ways to fix the error
“Oops, the system encountered a problem”

Here is an overview of the quick fixes, if you’re in a hurry:

  • Ensure you are using the latest version of your web browser.
  • Check your internet connection as slow internet might be causing the error.
  • Clear your browser cache, cookies, and browsing history.
  • Disable any recently installed browser extensions and add-ons
  • Try switching to a different web browser

We will look into these and some more advanced solutions in detail to resolve the error efficiently.

5 Easy Solutions to Fix the Gmail Error

Let’s begin with the simple solutions first…

Solution 1. Update your web browser

Fix gmail now Advanced SystemCare will automatically fix your internet errors and other PC issues that might lead to the Gmail connection errors.

Sometimes, the error may occur due to compatibility issues between your current web browser version and Gmail. Updating your web browser to the latest version can resolve such issues. Follow these instructions to update your browser:

  • Launch your web browser e.g., Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge.
  • Navigate to the browser’s settings by clicking on the menu icon (typically three dots, lines, or a gear icon) in the top-right corner of the browser window.
  • Check for updates in the following sections depending on your browser:
    • Google Chrome: Click on “Help” and then select “About Google Chrome”.
    • Microsoft Edge: Go to “Settings”, then “Update and Security”, and select “Check for updates”.
    • Firefox: Click on “Help” in the menu and select “About Firefox”.
  • If an update is available, follow the on-screen instructions to download and install it.
  • Once the update is complete, restart your browser and try accessing Gmail again to see if the error persists.
Update Google Chrome

Solution 2. Check your internet connection

If your internet connection is slow, some parts of Gmail might not load properly. First, check your internet connection and if it is slow, try to make your internet faster if you can.

Check Internet Connection

You can also try using a different way to connect to the internet, like with a cable (Ethernet), wireless, or using Wi-Fi, depending on what you’re using now. See if this helps with the problem.

But usually, the internet speed isn’t the main issue. You might notice Gmail itself is loading slowly on your computer. If that’s happening to you, there’s another thing you can try to fix it.

Solution 3. Clearing your browser cache, cookies, and history

Accumulated cache and cookies in your web browser can sometimes interfere with the proper functioning of Gmail, leading to errors. Clearing this data can help resolve such issues.

  • Open your web browser and open “settings”.
  • Clear browsing cache, cookies, history using the below depending upon your browser:
    • Google Chrome: “Settings” > “Privacy and Security” > “Clear Browsing data” > “Check all boxes” > “Clear data”
    • Microsoft Edge: “Settings” > “Privacy and Services” > “Clear Browsing data” > “Check all boxes” > “Clear now”
    • Firefox: “Menu” > “History” > “Clear Recent History” > “Check all boxes under History” > “Clear now”
  • Remember to select “Everything” or “All-Time” options under “Time range”.
Chrome Clear Data
  • Close your browser, relaunch it, and see if the error has been resolved.

Solution 4. Turn off browser extensions and add-ons

Browser extensions or add-ons installed in your web browser can sometimes conflict with Gmail’s functionalities, causing errors. Temporarily disabling these can help identify if any of them are causing the problem.

  • Open your browser.
    • Google Chrome: Click the menu (three dots) > “Extensions” > “Manage Extensions” > Toggle off all the extensions.
    • Microsoft Edge: Click the menu (three dots) > “Extensions” > Right-click on every extension > Turn off
    • Firefox: Click the menu (three dots) > “Extensions” > Disable next to every extension
Chrome Manage Extensions
  • Close and reopen the browser, and try accessing Gmail.

Solution 5. Use a different web browser

Use a different web browser

If the issue persists, try accessing Gmail using a different browser. Sometimes, the error may be specific to your current browser, and using an alternative browser can help bypass the issue (e.g., if you’re using Chrome, try Firefox or Microsft Edge).

3 Advanced Solutions to Resolve the Gmail Connection Issue

If none of the aforementioned fixes the issue, you can attempt these advanced fixes. These have been rigorously tested by our team and verified to work efficiently in most cases.

Adv. Solution 1. Temporarily disable antivirus and internet security software

Fix gmail now Advanced SystemCare will automatically fix your internet errors and other PC issues that might lead to the Gmail connection errors.

In some cases, antivirus or internet security software installed on your system may mistakenly block or interfere with Gmail’s operations, leading to errors. Temporarily disabling such software can help determine if they are causing the issue. Here are steps for both Windows security and third-party software:

For Windows Security:

  • Press the ‘Win + S’ keys and type “Windows Security”, then press ‘Enter’.
  • Select “Virus & threat protection”.
  • Click on “Manage settings” under “Virus & Threat Protection” settings.
  • Toggle off the switch next to “Real-time protection”. Confirm by selecting “Yes” if prompted.
Toggle Off Real-time protection

For Third-Party software:

  • Open your security software.
  • Look for an option to disable real-time protection or any feature that actively scans for threats.
  • Temporarily turn off these features.
Temporarily Disable Antivirus Software

Adv. Solution 2. Turn off the ‘Background send’ feature in Gmail Labs

Gmail Labs offers experimental features that may sometimes cause errors or conflicts with Gmail’s regular functionalities. Here’s what you need to do to turn it off:

  • Log in to your Gmail account.
  • Once you’re on the main Gmail page, look for the gear icon at the top right corner and click on it.
  • From the menu that appears, select “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Labs” tab.
  • Find “Background Send” and turn it off.
Turn off the 'Background send' feature in Gmail Labs
  • Now, try sending an email. If you still see error messages, it’s time to deal with your system registry”.

Adv. Solution 3. Switch to Simple HTML Gmail

Switch to HTML Gmail

This solution is like a temporary fix. But the drawback is that you’ll lose some cool features in Gmail, like sorting emails into categories, quick actions, using keyboard shortcuts, and spell checker. That’s because using HTML Gmail gives you a simpler version of Gmail without those extras.

Still, if you really want to get past the ‘Oops…’ error, this simpler version might be worth it. Just visit the Gmail HTML version site. Click on it and follow the instructions that pop up on your screen

Final Words

In conclusion, if you’re facing the ‘Oops, the system encountered a problem’ error in Gmail, there’s no need to panic. There are several steps outlined in this guide that you can follow to resolve it. We believe that by following the steps in the article, you’ll be able to sort out the error and get back to using Gmail smoothly.

And if you’re looking for a quick and automatic way to fix your underlying internet/network issues –check out the iobit offer down below!

Good luck!

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